Karate – An empty-hand fighting art originating in Okinawa, karate includes a mix of strikes, kicks, throws, and locks. We train in the Shuri-ryu style, an eclectic system assembled by Grand Master Robert A. Trias, a pioneer in bringing karate to the United States. Karate is the core of our instruction, and training in karate improves focus and fitness, promotes self discipline, and elevates self confidence.

Kobudo – The “ancient martial way” of Okinawa, this weapon-based art is complementary to karate. Okinawan kobudo weapons include the bo (staff), sai (truncheon), nunchakun (flail), kama (sickle), tonfa (nightstick), and eiku (oar). Kobudo training improves coordination and manual dexterity, some of its movements can be translated to modern tools and weapons, and it’s a lot of fun!

Judo – A Japanese art which includes throws, sweeps, pins, joint locks, and chokes. It has its roots in jiu-jitsu, has been a part of the Summer Olympics since 1964, and it was even studied by Teddy Roosevelt back in 1904! Basic judo instruction such as breakfalls (falling without injury) will be included in all of our classes.

Iaijutsu – A sword art, this is the self defense art of the samurai. It puts an emphasis on drawing and cutting, and it is excellent for focusing the mind.